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Hi, I'm Lexi! The proud creator of Becks & Co.

Becks & Co. was created during my maternity leave! My background as an Interior Decorator helped curate the details that bring Becks & Co. to life. With a passion to create clean & quality products, I realized the importance of taking time for self love & care to ensure I was able to nourish all aspects of my life. We are all busy and forget to acknowledge ourselves amidst the chaos of everyday life. Remember to take time to love YOU before you can share your love with others!

My goal is to provide quality products that encapsulate relaxation, positivity, and a reminder to slow down. The hustle of being busy is often romanticized, when in reality we are not recognizing when it's time to rest and refuel. Whether it's lighting a candle for an evening to yourself, or taking a five minute break to walk outside in the fresh air, don't forget to take those moments of peace.

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